NEW Halloween Short by Ariescope and Adam Green!

Just Take One.

There are certain rules that every kid need abide by during Halloween and the crew over at Ariescope are making damn sure that you know the consequences of not respecting them. As they do every year (much to the delight of fans everywhere), Ariescope has a time-honored tradition of releasing a new short Halloween-themed film and thankfully this year is no different.

The rules of each short are simple: there's no budget and it must be filmed in one night. As their 12th annual short, Just Take One makes perfect use of these guidelines and features two trick or treaters (Green and Joe Lynch) as they struggle with the ethical ramifications of the "honor bowl." Left out by some homes on Halloween, the honor bowl is one of those seductive sirens that tells you to only take just one piece of candy, but really begs you to take it all. Will the boys be faithful to the rules or will their greed get the better of them? Nothing is what it seems on Halloween...

Be sure to check out Ariescope's new website here for the rest of the gang's Halloween shorts. The Tiffany Problem (2007) and Jack Chop (2009) in particular are personal favorites.

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  1. Wings1295 said...:

    Well, that was just awesome! Love the end bit, too. hahaha

  1. Strange Kid said...:

    Haha, yeah, that was a great tie-in to last year's short. There's something about a Bostonian accent that makes everything even funnier. =)

  1. God I love Adam Green. This made my morning so much better!

  1. Strange Kid said...:

    @Awkward: Yeah, these shorts never fail to improve my year every Halloween as well. Glad I could help lift your spirits a bit.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    That "Tiffany Problem" one is HILARIOUS...Zachary Levi in drag just brightens one's day. XD

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