Show Your Inner Strange Kid! Call For Entries

Please format all submissions to a 8.5" x 11" format.

Strange Kids Club would like to give you a chance to show off your inner strange kid with an Open Call for Entries! Established to celebrate the pop culture retro geekdom of B-movie monsters, classic wrestling, comic books, toys and television shows; SKC is seeking to recognize those talented illustrators, character designers and comic artists that wish to take part and be featured in an upcoming Strange Kid Anthology.

We're looking for fanart, short comics, creative collages and more (even animations!) to compile into one huge SKC anthology towards the beginning of next year. Wanna learn more? Continue reading after the bump for information on how to enter your work!

Entries will be accepted through December 31, 2010.

SKC is seeking either fanart pin-ups and/or short comics featuring Strange Kid as the main protagonist. The plot or artistic style of each submission will be solely at the discretion of the artist, suffice that they adhere to the most identifiable aspects of the character (namely his blue pompadour hairstyle, red and white striped t-shirt, lack of pupils and braces). Sample images are available online here.

SKC only accepts files submitted online via email. Please use as the recipient address and be sure to include "Strange Kid Anthology" in the subject header. Prepare your files to be 300 DPI CMYK TIFF files , sized to approximately 8.5" x 11" and send a single compressed file (.ZIP or .RAR). If your file size exceeds 10mb, it is okay to send multiple compressed files. Be sure to include your name and the title of the image in each file name (for example: First_Last_Title.tif). For animated submissions, please contact the email above for entry specifications.

Entrants may submit individual artworks or collaborative works. Collaborative work must include the names and contact information for all participants.

In order to promote the participating artists, names and website URL’s will be included in the final book. If you wish to have this information withheld, please indicate so in your submission. Selected artworks may be showcased on the Strange Kids Club website. If you do not wish to have your work shown on the site, please indicate this as well. SKC cannot be held liable for printing this information if not otherwise noted.

All artists that submit work that is accepted into the anthology will receive a copy of the book. Entries not accepted will not receive a copy.


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