Thanksgiving Day Trailer Terror: Predators 2

"This time it's open season... on all of us!"

Thanksgiving is here and I'd like to take your mind back 20 yrs to this very week, where Predator fans were treated to a sequel of the classic sci-fi original, Predator 2, that sees a Predator alien doing his hunting in a new jungle... the urban jungle.

The story is fairly simple, a Predator is hunting violent gangs in Los Angeles, most likely because they look like good prey to do battle with. Fairly quickly Detective Harrigan (Danny Glover) and his team realize there is more going on that normal gangland turf wars. As they dig deeper they begin to uncover things that reveal the Predator to them, but to us as the viewer we know it's the Predator from the get go. A third group is also thrown into the mix with Gary Busey's character heading up some government department that knows full well what the Predator is and would like to capture it, for it's technology I assume. The hunt for the Predator leads up to a pretty great final battle with Danny Glover and the Predator on a Predator spacecraft. Fans of the original Predator (1989) comic book series by Dark Horse Comics will find this plot very familiar, as it was essentially what the comic depicted with various changes when taken into the film world.

This movie takes a lot of heat and hate, but personally I love it from the standpoint of watching and getting more information about the Predator character's race. It seems like people forget about these details that have led to the Predator characters as we know them today. If you look at the weapons the Predator has in this film, it's far more interesting and cool from a technology and hunting stand point than what the original Predator had. We get to see one of their alien ships and one of the great reveals in film history, the trophy room. The trophy room Det. Harrigan discovers on the ship has a group of skulls stuck on a wall, many strange looking beasts and human skulls, but the greatest reveal is an Alien skull hanging there suggesting that the Predators have hunted their deep space terror counterparts. When I saw this in the theater my jaw dropped, I almost jumped out of my seat at the idea.

The trailer here says the movie was to open on Christmas, but it was actually released in November instead. You can search and find posters depicting the various release dates.

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