(Re)Animations: Infinite Santa 8000

I want to thank Grey and his gang over at The Fear Inside (in addition to James from Planet Terror) for opening my eyes to this little gem of an animated series. On a sidenote, Grey was kind enough to give SKC a shoutout on his latest Dark Hours podcast so be sure to listen for that (located on the left sidebar).

Set in a post-apocalyptic landscape full of mutants, monsters and madmen Infinite Santa 8000 is an independently produced web series that chronicles the exploits of the man known as Infinite Santa and his companion, a young robot/clone girl, as they fight the evil forces of Dr. Shackleton. An interesting setup for sure, but does this Santa deliver the goods?

The short answer is: yes. While the cutout style of animation takes a bit to get used to, creator Michael Neel and the crew at Burnt Reindeer Films successfully manage to transform Santa from pudgy toy-giver to into a tough as nails Mad Max-style anti-hero. Having watched the first 8 episodes I've seen Santa rip out a mutant's heart, roast a horde of demons, and open a can of whoop ass with his innards all exposed. That's pretty freaking epic.

With a current total of 10 episodes thus far, each clocking in around the 2-minute mark, Infinite Santa 8000 is sure to be one of the best ways to spend part of your lunch break and apparently the crew at Burnt Reindeer will be releasing a new episode each week until Christmas so there's even more bearded carnage waiting in the wings. Think of it as an advent calendar of brutal, blood-soaked awesomeness.


  1. D.M.Cunningham said...:

    Well now. That is an amazing grue pile of awesome! Must have more. I love Santa in goggles!! So cool.

  1. This series gets better as it goes along, make sure you check out the later episodes!

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