SKC's Geeked-Out Holiday 2010 Gift Guide

Despite all the warm and fuzzy sentiments that emerge en masse around this time every year, we all know what Christmas is really about. Just ask any kid (young or old) and they'll tell you. So to celebrate the commercialization of our youth, I've created a geeked-out guide of SKC's favorite things this year- let's call it a throwback to those wonderful Sears Wish Books in which a child's love could be bought with nothing more than a talking robot or TMNT playset! Now go get your holly jolly jingle on.

Four Color Fear ( - Price: $19.79
If you're a comics fan looking for a trip down memory lane, take a stroll down the twisted pages of Four Color Fear, a book that has been years in the making. Within Four Color Fear, Editor Greg Sadowski has painstakingly restored a massive collection of forgotten 50s horror comics ranging from terror tales to just bad taste. There's an impressive array of great artists on display as well with stories featuring the likes of Jack Cole and Basil Wolverton.

Mr. Hipp Original Artwork (Dan Hipp) - Price: $30-40
Speaking of comics, look no further than Mr. Hipp for some original artwork that will kick your teeth in and still leave you smiling. Otherwise known as Dan Hipp, the cartoonist behind the EPIC fantasy revenge series GYAKUSHU! in addition to The Amazing Joy Buzzards, Hipp's exclusive illustrations range from geek-tastic (Master of the Universe) to gore-iffic (Dawn of the Dead). Each piece comes in black and white 8.5x11 card stock and includes a signed HIPP-exclusive comic book.

PKE Meter ( - Price: $60
For a Ghostbusters fan growing up in the 80s, Kenner's Proton Pack was THE must own item. Sure, the cheap plastic Nerf knockoffs couldn't take much wear and tear but who cares when you could run around with 5" of yellow styrofoam wiggling around on the end of a pint-sized proton pack alongside an air-powered ghost trap plus a kick-ass PKE meter with real stick action?! Well, if you're looking to capture some of that nostalgia (albeit slightly more sophisticated than stickers) Matty Collector has you covered with this special edition replica. Featuring "adjustable LED and screen animation speeds, three screen displays (diagonal, off, arc) and opening wings" this is a must-have for any serious Ghostbusters fan.

Silent Night, Deadly Night (Fright Rags) - Price: $24.95
As one of the very first "Santa Slashers" I can remember seeing, Charles Sellier's cult classic Silent Night, Deadly Night has become a perennial favorite at the clubhouse. Who couldn't love a film that pissed off everyone from the PTA to Siskel and Ebert and still manages to causes commotion every once in awhile. Heck, it's even got Linnea Quigley in a bare-chested cameo that adds a whole new visualization to "horny teenagers" in horror films. Speaking of Quigley, as part of their latest t-shirt release Fright Rags is offering a limited edition SIGNED poster by the infamous flirt that features artwork by Justin Osbourn of Slasher Designs. That's pretty badass.

Knit Terrors (Knit Terrors) - Price: Varies
You may remember these critters from our interview with artist Laurie Pizzi back in November. Laurie, who independently produces each doll by hand, has crafted a special niche for herself with these custom creatures. Perfect for that horror fan in your life, Knit Terrors are created for fans by a fan and make for an ideal stocking stuffer. Pricing ranges from $25 and up depending on whether you want one of Pizzi's pre-made dolls or something completely custom. For more details on ordering, be sure to contact her directly.

Hard to Find Films (VHSPS) - Price: Varies
Need something for that cult film fanatic in your life? Try out VHSPS, a site dedicated to bringing you the most obscure genre films imaginable- everything from kid friendly fare to hardcore sicko horror, they've got you covered. With a vast collection of hard to find or just plain forgotten films, VHSPS specializes in VHS-to-DVD transfers which means the quality isn't superb, but speaking from personal experience the end result is still guaranteed to be a treasured item in your film collection.

Magazine Subscription (Royal Flush) - Price: $9.99/issue
If you like when pop culture insanity meets no holds barred nostalgia, look no further than Royal Flush Magazine. With only seven books under their belt so far, Editor Josh Bernstein has amassed an impressive array of contributing talent to his bullpen including several familiar faces from Rue Morgue (Dave Alexander, Gary Pullin), rock stars (Alice Cooper), celebrities and even comic book icons (Howard Chaykin, Tim Bradstreet). Beyond name dropping, though, Royal Flush is a mix of FHM and MAD magazines, providing enough "sexy" articles and artwork without giving up it's sarcastic sizzle.

My Pet Monster (eBay) - Price: Varies
This elusive beastie was first released by AmToy back in the mid-50s and has been a much sought after collector's item for years since. For those unfamiliar with My Pet Monster, it was originally conceived of by American Greetings (yes, the card people) as a marketing device for young boys that soon spun-off into all sorts of dolls, lunch boxes, coloring books, cartoons- even a feature film. Essentially he was a more macho representation of Teddy Ruxpin and remains to this day an icon of 80s era pop culture.

Alien Chestburster Plush (ThinkGeek) - Price: $24.99
At only 25 bucks and 48" long this little fella is worth every penny. It's an officially licensed product, which means it got the 20th Century Fox stamp of approval, and matches the scale and size of the original creature seen in the film. A wire tucked inside allows for multiple possibilities to pose this sucker, meaning hours of re-enactment fun for fans of the Alien franchise. Nom, nom, nom.

The Art of Hammer (Amazon) - Price: $19.77
Filled with rich bits of ravenous monsters and bare-chested beauties, Titan Books' The Art of Hammer is a time capsule of cinematic macabre that drips with the same provocative artistic flair that makes Hammer so enjoyable. Whether its Curse of the Werewolf or The Mummy, there's over 300 posters on display here, each of which will hold your gaze as it slowly seduces you through a combination of dark humor and dread-filled horror.

Jason Vorhees Statue (Sideshow Collectibles) - Price: $219.99
This one is bound to set you back, but oh is it worth it. Sideshow's polystone statue of the "Terror of Crystal Lake" stands 16" high with a blood-covered machete in one hand and an ax clutched firmly in the other. Seems like our boy has been busy too as the base is composed of extraordinarily mutilations that only slightly resemble anything human. A look behind the mask reveals Vorhees sinister sneer for the enjoyment of all to see. Now, if only I could get my Friday the 13th Before Christmas script in front of Sam Raimi...

Splatterhouse (Best Buy) - Price: $59.99
Of course, I couldn't end this list without making mention of a personal favorite of mine: Splatterhouse. I think it's pretty clear with all of the coverage I've given this game plus my glowing review that this game kicks ass. If you're a fan of horror, monsters, gore, heavy metal or any combination thereof then Splatterhouse is a game guaranteed to bring a smile to your face this winter. PLUS, if you snag this at Best Buy they'll throw in a free t-shirt to boot! Don't mind the haters.

Now that we've shared a few of our favorite things, what are some of yours? Feel free to comment below.


  1. Paxton said...:

    The Four Color book looks awesome as does the Art of Hammer. I also want the Hammer Glamour book about the girls of Hammer movies.

    Nice list, man. I dig that VHSPS site. However, check your link, you replicated the Knit Terrors link for the VHSPS site.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Excellent list. I had no idea those My Pet Monsters were so sought after. I'll have to keep an eye out for one of those. Headed to Amazon now for that Four Color Fear book.

  1. Kmork said...:

    Must...acquire...chestburster plush!

  1. Strange Kid said...:

    @Paxton: Thanks for catching that. I've fixed the link now so it goes to VHSPS.

    @CoolandCollected: Maybe it's just me, but those bastards (My Pet Monster) are becoming incredibly hard to find for under $100 bucks. Definitely takes me back to my childhood, though.

    @ChickenWire: Haha, isn't that freakin' awesome?!

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Still going with my beloved Monster High dolls...but they're becoming hard to find. And I am stuck looking for Ghoulia before the new ones arrive.

    "Not all dragons breathe fire. Just the fun ones."-Deuce Gorgon

  1. Strange Kid said...:

    @LaDracul: That's a good pic, too. I got my daughter "Frankie Stein" a few weeks back and she's been in love with her ever since. Warms my monster-loving heart.

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