A Very Special "Krampusnacht" Edition of 'The Happy Undertaker'

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The Happy Undertaker presents Friday's Fables is a weekly column based on The Happy Undertaker series of comics by artist Drazen Kozjan who has illustrated several children's books including Diary of a Fairy Godmother and the Julia Gillian series. Strips premiere every week.
Today's Happy Undertaker tale is based upon the European legend of the Krampus- an evil mythical being whose job was to punish naughty little kids on Christmas Eve. Krampusnacht, or Night of Krampus, is a yearly celebration held on December 6th during which adults used to dress up as wicked demons to scare their kids into being good. Merry Krampusnacht everyone!

For more information on The Happy Undertaker or its creator, Drazen Kozjan, be sure to check out the official Happy Undertaker Blog in addition to his his personal blog, Hypnotik Eye.

Artwork © Drazen Kozjan


  1. J. Astro said...:

    Hehe - it's kinda funny, I was mostly unfamiliar with the Krampus lore until I saw him on that hysterically funny Venture Bros Christmas episode, but now the Krampus pops up somewhere every time I turn around.

  1. Strange Kid said...:

    I remember seeing a small book about him one time and thought the concept of a demonic creature terrorizing kids on Christmas was awesome. It's kinda like Halloween in December and the more I learn about the tradition, the more I like it!

    Drazen is actually one of many artists who recently had a Krampus-themed art show in Toronto. Here's a piece I wrote on it with some more photos: Showing Santa’s Dark Side at ‘Krampusnacht Art Show.'

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