Creative Spotlight: The Creepy Puppet Project

I admit it, I have a sickness. I'm addicted to puppets. Not to just any puppets, mind you, but the undead ones. Undead puppets are way too damn cool and there seems to be more people who make them then I ever really stopped to consider. Point in case... The Creepy Puppet Project, a series of short productions created by artist, designer and puppeteer Matt Fincher.

Choosing to reveal the lighter side of horror, Fincher shows us the funny bone that lies behind the decomposing flesh of these brain munchers through a series of vignettes that would be right at home on the Grand Guignol stage. I've chosen to share one of funnier shorts above, but feel free to check out Fincher's YouTube Channel which is chock full of creepy cinematic curiosities. Its okay to laugh, they're already dead.

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  1. Wow this is awesome. I'm actually working on some puppets myself. Feel nice and inspired.

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