(Re)Animations: Toonsylvania

As a dreadfully delightful double feature tonight, I'm proud to bring you Steven Speilberg's Toonsylvania. A rather creative take on the Frankenstein mythos, each episode of Toonsylvania features a main storyline that revolves around Dr. Vic Frankenstein, his assistant Igor, and Phil (Frankenstein's monster). Interspersed within the main plot, which usually consisted of Igor trying to prove how much smarter he was than Dr. Vic, were fun little terror tales such as Night of the Living Fred (about a family of zombies who were always way too happy) or Melissa Screetch's Morbid Morals (a stubborn little girl who reaped the consequences of her bad behavior).

As one of the first animated properties to appear under the emerging Dreamworks SKG studio, Toonsylvania aired for roughly one year on FOX's Saturday morning line-up (alongside other horror-themed shows such as Goosebumps and Eerie, Indiana) and, though it spawned both a toyline and video game, has yet to be released on DVD. One can only hope that time is kinder to this little gem than Dreamworks' more recent ill-fated abomination, Igor.

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