Trailer Terrors: House of the Wolfman (2009)

A truer homage to classic Universal horror films than any remake in recent memory, The House of the Wolfman by My Way Pictures is an indie film of frightfully high caliber. Shot in black and white, 1:33 aspect ratio The House of the Wolfman not only has the heart of its hallowed horror inspirations, but their appearance as well.

Starring Ron Chaney (grandson of the original Wolf Man, Lon Chaney, Jr.), the film follows a similar concept to House on Haunted Hill, albeit with a monster-inspired twist, as Dr. Bela Reinhardt (Chaney) invites five people to his castle to see which of them will inherit his estate. Apparently the good doctor plans on having a competition of sorts to see who can survive the monsters, murderers, and other terrors. With a very restricted theatrical release at the moment, we can only hope that the film (and its exquisite makeup effects) garners enough attention to show Hollywood its horror roots again.

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