Trailer Terrors: Transylvania Twist

Before Scary Movie made the movie spoof into a Hollywood phenomenon, there existed parodies of marginal horror humor such as Transylvania Twist (1989). Reminding us that fear often precedes laughter, Transylvania Twist takes a shot at nearly every modern bloodsucker, sicko and slaughter happy slasher of the last decade.

Starring steamy sexpot Teri Copley as Marissa alongside her sidekick Dexter Ward (Rick Altman), the razor thin plot follows the duo in search of some mystic book that will either save the day or call forth all the darkness of "The Evil One." In the end the monster is summoned and soundly defeated but just like the angry villagers, whose subplot ends with them giving up and going home, all you can do once its over is muster a chuckle and call it night.

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  1. Ghoul Friday said...:

    I've never seen this one. Reminds me of "Saturday the 14th", one of my favourite cheesy horror spoofs. "Love at First Bite" is a good one too.

  1. ghostLAB.DS said...:

    This one is well hidden, and even though its not the funniest parody it definitely deserves a view. Unfortunately it seems to be out of print on VHS and has yet (to my knowledge) been released on DVD. Bummer.

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