Creative Spotlight: Ray Frenden

A monstrous mix of old school horror comics, retro sci-fi schlock, and the rawness of Robert Crumb's linework, I first found Frenden's work through (of all places) a recent Threadless e-newsletter. Featuring a limited time sale on all of its Halloween-themed shirt designs, Frenden's Braaains! (see insert) stood above the rest in both its Lemonhead color scheme and Charles Burns-esque illustrative style.

"A self-taught illustrator with a penchant for monsters and the macabre," Frenden's distinctive color palette truly brings out the fleshy grue of 80s splatterpunk. An ideal style for both letterpress work or apparel, I can't wait to don this pus-lemon ode to the gross absurdities of the undead when it arrives in my mailbox.

For more of Frenden's work, check out his site:

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