The Simpsons: Treehouse of Horror XX

The first Simpsons Halloween special to air before October 31st in years, Treehouse of Horrors XX is set to premiere tonight on Fox. In all honesty it has been some time since I've enjoyed the intoxicated misadventures of Homer or the mischievous schemes of little Bart (really ever since Seth McFarlane's Family Guy rolled into town), but the Treehouse of Horror anthology series is definitely an exception.

A staple of my yearly Halloween ceremony, the Simpson brand of satire has always been at its prime during Treehouse of Horrors. Nothing is sacred in the Simpson universe, especially during the season of the witch, and this years episodic parodies include plenty of murder, mayhem, zombies and beer. Yes sir, it's American T.V. culture at its finest.

Update: Just saw tonight's episode and it was great. Although I didn't really enjoy the last short, which poked fun at the Demon Barber of Fleet Street, the first two were spot on. A big plus goes out to Fox for giving this special some hype and showing last year's Treehouse of Horror to get things started.

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