(Re)Animations: Mighty Heroes

A ragtime team of heroes take on The Ghost Monster in this late 60s retro-toon. Created by Ralph Bakshi (Wizards, Fritz the Cat) for Terrytoons Studio, the Mighty Heroes originated as part of the supporting cast for Mighty Mouse, another icon of yesteryear. Although Bakshi left Terrytoons soon after to make Fritz the Cat, the show had 21 terrific episodes in which the Heroes fought all sorts of ghosts, monsters, evil scientists and supervillains.

One of my favorite recurring boo-ridden baddies was The Monsterizer (see insert), appearing in episode 5 and 17, whose schtick consisted of turning the innocent citizens of Good Haven into hideous monsters. A classic cartoon horror villain if ever there was one. Thanks goes out to the author of ME AND YOU AND A BLOG NAMED BOOOOOOOOOOOOO! for revealing this hidden gem to me.

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