Creative Spotlight: It's the Pughs

When it comes to the Pughs, its all done for sh*ts and giggles. Literally.

Developed by a fun little animation studio from New Zealand called Mukpuddy, It's the Pughs offers an adolescent sense of humor through the creative eyes of four fun-natured adults. As the intro explains, It's the Pughs follows the everyday life of the Pugh family: Fanny (Mom), Rudy (Dad), their daughter Patty and her "brother" little Peter Pugh. Of course the catch is that Peter is an actual piece of poo (apparently some women can soil themselves during birth), a fact that altogether alludes his father. Hilarious hijinks ensue.

Although I was only able to find one episode of the show, there is a great interview on the Mukpuddy blog by 20/20 that gives an awesome look into the minds of the four uncompromisingly playful creators.

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