The Sexy Pilgrim

As Family Guy's ever-effeminate Bruce (see insert) would say: "Oh hey everybody, look, its the Sexy Pilgrim."

A hilarious, new Muscle Milk ad campaign for the holiday season developed by agency Pereira & O'Dell, Sexy Pilgrim is a clever (albeit slightly unoriginal) spin on boobs and beer mentality of its predominantly male audience. Instead of showcasing the sex appeal of just women, Pereira & O'Dell chose both male and female representatives to march all over Thanksgiving including a buff John Smith and booty-shaking Pocahontas.

Though the clip isn't ROTFLMA funny, its reminiscent of The Lonely Island brand of humor that Adam Samberg, Akiva Schaffer, and Jorma Taccone have made popular. Its advertising for entertainment sake (a great brand-building tool), only featuring the product in the last few seconds of the clip. If only more brands were willing to pack this kind of punchline, the world would be a happier, sexier place. And we'd all get to wear cool top hats.

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