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It's not often that I get to toot my own horn, what with a full time job, freelancing, and this blog taking a good chunk of my waking hours, but I'm proud to announce that I have entered the Logo Contest. An extension of their previous logo contest, the Grand Prize is $15,000 US dollars and plenty of street... er web cred. The following is the pitch for my entry (featured above):
This concept was designed to emphasize the keyword elements hidden within the logo (freer and lance). When brought up in relation to the Internet, these words could also insinuate the open expansion of the sea/ocean in addition to whale hunting (with a lance/spear). Whale hunting in this respect becomes a metaphor for either a designer finding a great client or a client finding a great designer. Thus, Freelancer becomes the navigational tool for which creative talent finds inspired business and vice versa.

The whale icon also serves a great shorthand tool and mascot for Freelancer with simple features and a minimal color palette that allows for a limitless field of expression.

The finalists will be announced this coming Monday, November 23rd right before Thanksgiving with the Top 10 announced that Wednesday (November 26th) and so on until the big finale on Friday, December 4th. In addition, there is also a People's Choice Award that will be given based on public opinion. Voting opens on Monday, November 23rd and goes until Thursday, December 3rd. I'll definitely keep you posted on the results. Keep your fingers crossed!


  1. Ghoul Friday said...:

    Best of luck! All appendages and digits crossed for you ;)

  1. ghostLAB.DS said...:

    Thanks Ghoul! I'm excited to see the results on Monday.

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