Creative Spotlight: Think about Mutation

Ok, so Halloween is officially over and I've taken a short siesta in preparation for all the Christmas circulars and scent of pine that will be emerging within the week. However, that doesn't mean that things won't stay just as strange around here and to prove it I've got this neat little Creative Spotlight on Think about Mutation.

The self-initated project of a few Russian artists led by Sergey Ratnikov, the concept is fairly simple: each of the participants animates the mutation of the previous artist`s character until his own [emerges]. Upon the finish it`ll be a cartoon with soundtrack and subtitles with the list of participants. Though I believe that the project has ended (all of the media is dated 2008) its a interesting little initiative that displays an outstanding appreciation for the principles of animation without the need for color or 3D effects.

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  1. skinny insect said...:

    Love the animation man. Pretty cool. I'm glad you had a great Halloween! Maybe next year mine will be better...and we'll be in our own PLACE. Anywho, I deleted ROTTING RUSHTON out of anger and frustration with how shitty my Halloween was (minus the getting to go trick 'r treating with paisley and susie). The lack of all things "horror" really fucking killed me. Last year I was immersed in that shit like the joker in a vat of chemicals. Needless to say, last years Halloween kicked this years ASS open. Hopefully Thanksgiving and Christmas will be better.

    Love ya man

  1. ghostLAB.DS said...:

    No worries. Can't win 'em all my ole pappy used to say. Okay, so I heard that on TV somewhere. Point is, things will get better for you.

    Sometimes you've just got to create your own opportunities. Finding the fun in little things is what life is all about.

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