(Re)Animations: Runaway Brain

Poor Mickey Mouse. All he wants to do is hang with his best bud Pluto and play video games. But no, here comes his old lady-mouse with talk of an anniversary. So what's a mouse to do? Lie of course!

And so begins Disney's short film Runaway Brain, an odd little toon that sees ole' big ears turned into raving monster courtesy of Dr. Frankenollie (voiced by Kelsey Grammer). Full of neat in-genre references such as Mickey's "exorcist" arrival at the Frankenollie estate and the obvious Mary Shelley undertone, Runaway Brain does an excellent job of balancing the frightening with the funny in true Disney manner. It boasts excellent production values by Disney Feature Animation Paris and a story that is throughly entertaining at its 7.5 minute mark.

For those of you who want more of the mad monster mouse, Sideshow Collectibles has vinyl toys (see above) dedicated exclusively to the film (though most versions are already sold out).

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