Dripping the Face Melt Fantastic

This one is just weird folks. Just to prove that nothing goes uncelebrated in the digital age (and that anything can be found on Google) I present to you Facemelt. [Apparently] a shrine to the all the face melts that have either entertained or horrified moviegoers over the years this mysterious site boils down to a disappointingly narrow focus on a single scene from... Indiana Jones?!

While the Jones' scene does have merit as being a pretty awesome face melt, there's not much else that carries the site other than the 'female candle' (see above) by digital artist Nicholas Ainley. So where are the classics?

To rectify this gross oversight, I've collected a few personal favorites (pictured left) including The Incredible Melting Man, Robocop thug, and Street Trash. They didn't even bother to include the infamous Gremlins death scene (also pictured). Heck, there's even a 'splatstick' movie (think Braindead/Dead Alive) named Body Melt that features some low-budget facial afflictions.

As one of the more horrific types of death in film its creepy to think of the body as a human candle, but it can be a remarkable visual device for the rebellion of one's physical form. I'm sure there's plenty more scenes that I'm overlooking out there (the unintentionally hilarious Drainiac and The Wizard of Oz spring to mind) so what would your top 5 picks be?

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