Head Games: Chuck Norris, Bring the Pain

"When Chuck Norris does pushups, he doesn't lift himself up. He pushes the world down."

Remember those satirical Chuck Norris factoids that became an internet sensation about 5 years back? Well, Chuck Norris: Bring the Pain aims to take those pop culture puns and turn them into a mobile miasma of the action, bravado, and virility that is Chuck Norris.

The game itself (created by iPhone specialists, Gameloft) is a clever mixture of Contra and Metal Slug with an arcade-style beat 'em up gameplay and plenty of nameless mercenary scum that fall in your mighty Chuck Norris presence. A neat twist, and a good use of the iPhone camera, is the ability to slap either your face or the mug of a friend onto your enemies shoulders. So the next time that rude guy at the grocery store doesn't double bag your bottle of Jack D., don't get mad... get Chuck Norris and bring the pain.

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