Prep and Landing... bumped

Shucks. I was so looking forward to the premiere of Disney's made for tv Christmas special Prep & Landing tonight on ABC. Alas, it seems that animation can't hold a flame to politics... even if the political presentation in mention is a moot point. Sigh.

Its impressive to mention, though, how thurough ABC was in changing all of the air dates across the web. It took a good hour of searching to make sure that I wasn't crazy about the show's Dec. 1st premiere date. I realize that some of you may find it odd (or even slightly offensive) to compare a 30-minute cartoon to a Presidential speech but, really, is the President going to tell us anything that the Today show won't reveal tomorrow?

Oh well, I guess tonight's as good a night for the Grinch as any.

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  1. rushton said...:

    I couldn't agree more.

  1. rushton said...:

    I tried showing THE GRINCH to Paisley the other night but she wasn't in the mood. I could tell she wanted to be interested but her hyperactivity misled her into a meandering whirlwind of silliness. *le sigh*

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