(Re)Animation: Together!

Ever had that one person you either love to hate or hate to love? Together! (2009) is a beautifully horrific look into such a relationship that takes place between a suicidal cockroach and his gluttonous moth of a spouse.

Directed by David Sheahan as a thesis film during his time at the Pratt Institute, this animated mind trip marriage plays to the styling of Robert Crumb's Fritz the Cat or, perhaps even more so, the aforementioned Danny Antonucci of Brothers Grunt fame. For those who like to peek behind the scenes, Sheahan's website offers a variety of goodies including concept artwork and the original score for the short film. Its a fun, fast trip that I encourage you all to take, just watch out for the rotten milk.

Thanks goes out to Cartoon Brew for bringing this to my attention.

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  1. rushton said...:

    Man, I'm super excited about seeing this when I get home today. Looks amazing! Thanks for posting.

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