Woke Up Dead

Will the wonders of the web ever cease? That's a rhetorical question of course, but I am truly amazed at all the righteously cool stuff that can be found after a couple of hours on the interwebs. Case in point, Woke Up Dead, a short format mini-series about two average schlubs (Dex and Matt) and their hot med student acquaintance Cassie (Krysten Ritter). Dex (Jon Heder) is apparently a recently inducted member of the living dead while his friend Matt (Josh Gad), with his selfish obsession to "get rich quick," is determined to film every necro-infused nuance for his website.

Its a unique twist on the zombie mythology and an interesting format in general with the entire web-based series hosted on Crackle, a reality-skewing webblog, and quality performances from the actors. Sponsored by Kodak (you'll find a few plugs here and there), the series is produced by Electric Farm Entertainment, with distribution rights held solely by Sony Pictures Television. It takes until episode three for things to really get rolling, but with each webisode running at the three-minute mark its definitely worth your while to give it a shot. Just make sure to aim for the head.

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