Terror Trailers: Dante's Inferno (2010)

If Simon Belmont stormed into Dracula's crib, had a glorious gangbang with big D's brides, and then proceeded to stake the fanged freak with nothing but his boner he'd still only be half the hero as Dante [f*ing] Alighieri. I mean, sure, Simon's faced off against some pretty fearsome foes in his pursuit to vanquish Dracula, but Dante's been to 9 circles of Hell and back to save the woman he loves. He's even sewn a cross to his chest (WTF?!). Yes, Dante is one bad motha.

And to celebrate his machismo, developer EA (Electronic Arts) is giving Dante his own full-length animated feature, much in the same vein as their Dead Space property. If the trailer is any indication of the movie or the game, there's sure to be plenty of grue for the gorehounds (hopefully without losing the integrity of the storyline). So break out your battle scythe boys and girls, this one's gonna get messy.

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  1. Ghoul Friday said...:

    Hee hee hee.

    I would be very pleased to spend an evening watching that.

    Curious about the game as well.

  1. rushton said...:

    Hmmmmmm....God of War meets Classic Literature - I love it!

    I haven't had internet (besides the net at work which...blocks just about everything in the world except blogger...as strange as that is) so I apologize I haven't been updating ya OR my blog. I miss ya buddy. I got your voicemail last night; my phone was dead so that's why it went straight to voicemail when you called. Anyways, I will call you today man. I'll shoot you an email at some point too.

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