A Month of Bakshi: Wizards

Well, despite the odds, we've made it through our first featured month (if only barely). I think there's no other worthy way to end this month than with what could be considered Bakshi's seminal feature length film Wizards.

Set in a post-apocalyptic world, the film centers around a two wizards and their seemingly eternal sibling rivalry. One, Avatar, who practices his devotion to the beauty of sorcery while the other, Blackwolf, relishes in the shadows of science. It's not too difficult to see where this metaphorical opposition will end. Combining live action with animation (per Bakshi's speciality), the characters in Wizards are given extraordinary life. Everyone from the avenging robot, Peace, to the well-endowed fantasy stereotype of Elinore, a fairy in training.

As one of Bakshi's more commercially appreciated films, Wizards generally received a strong following and critical approval. Having been released several years before Heavy Metal, it has clearly made an impact of those that followed while owing much to the comic book industry and the Star Wars franchise.

And so, on that note, we come to the end of our Month of Bakshi. Hopefully we were able to educate, entertain and inform while paying tribute to one of the great minds in film and animation. May this just be the beginning of many more featured months to come.

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  1. It has certainly been very educational and inspiring. Thanks for posting his works!

  1. Next up, THE LIFE OF HANS BELLMER....

    now THAT will give you nightmares

  1. Strange Kid said...:

    Sounds like someone is volunteering to be a guest blogger, hmm? That would make for an interesting series, though I think this month I'll focus on The Wolfman and wolf-related paranoia seeing as how the remake is on the horizon.

  1. Ha ha! Naw, just being silly with the Hans Bellmer stuff. I wish I could have kept those books I checked out on his art at CSU's library. Talk about INSPIRATIONAL my friend. Bellmer is definitely my favorite (maybe second?) artist. WOLFMAN SOON MY BROTHA!!! only two more weeks!!!

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