Head Games: Fly Guy

Have you ever believed you could fly? How about touch the sky? Do you think about it night and day?

Lord knows I'd like to give those damn, dirty pigeons a taste of their own bowel-induced medicine and it appears that digital artist Trevor Van Meter (of Crappy Cat fame), programmer Jason Krogh and composer Van Kottas of TVM Studio has granted our wish with his interactive Flash game Fly Guy.

Created back in 2006, the controls are as simple as can be, instructing you to control that anonymous businessman with the up, down, left and right arrows keys of your keyboard. Doing so will engage you in a multiple levels of entertaining and humorous animated sequences. Dance with pretty women who hang from clouds, rocky out with space aliens and do the robot... with a robot, it's all on the menu!

Hours of endless fun, you're sure to be dancing on cloud nine in no time.


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