Trailer Terrors: Time After Time (1979)

Oh, Malcolm McDowell, you so silly 'ole codger.

Okay, so there isn't anything necessarily terrifying about Time After Time, with exception of the dreadfully boring narrator on the trailer (see above). It does, however, star Malcolm McDowell who most of you will remember as egotistical prick Dr. Loomis from the recent Halloween 2 remake or perhaps from his grimly sinister role in A Clockwork Orange. But did you know he's also kinda funny?

In Time After Time, McDowell stars as H.G. Wells, who in turns pretends to be Sherlock Holmes, in pursuit of Jack the Ripper (played by David Warner) across the veil of time. They dueling duo end up stuck in 1979, zany misunderstanding ensue, and Wells falls in love. Rinse and repeat and that is just about the entire cycle that carries you through the end of the film.

Far from being great, Time After Time is a mixed bag of a movie that is well-acted and offers a quirky slice of 70s nostalgia.


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