Skinner's Hell Dream

Mix one part Hieronymus Bosch with one part GWAR. Marinate in LSD.

There's something raw and primal in the work of Skinner that beckons us to slip ever so farther into that ever looming maw of the abyss. Full of multicolored, tribal bodies that spew blood like ritualistic geysers, Hell Dream is a battlefield of pop culture carnage that tears through your frontal lobe.

Animated by Jim Dirschberger of Eighty Four Films, Hell Dream features the artwork and music of the aforementioned Skinner, whose Dionysian style of art revels in the cruel nature of man's inner beast. If one looks closely, you can see Skinner's pop culture references in the inclusion of characters from the He-Man universe carving one another to shreds while Dante Alighieri's three-faced Satan descends upon the land in a downpour of sanguine that bleaches the screen in a glorious red hue.

And then it ends, just as it began, in the violent solitude of nature's wicked grin. There's no remorse to be found, the distinction between saint or sinner is never made. In this dream, war is hell.


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