Creative Spotlight: Dan Bigelow

What a wicked life we lead.

In Bring Yourself graphic artist Dan Bigelow gives us a hellish glimpse into a world that is eerily relevant, where one man laboriously carries the weight of the decisions he makes. Based on a song by indie band Oh My God, whose evenly-paced, melodic vocals (Billy O'Neill) provide the voiceover, Bring Yourself is full of personal tragedy, drug addiction and a bittersweet lesson of hope.

Created by Bigelow using little more than a clever combination of ink on paper, Photoshop and AfterEffects, the artist has a long history of working in the entertainment industry with former employers including Midway Games, Disney and Titmouse Inc. If you're interested in learning more about Bigelow and his work, make sure to check out his portfolio, Dan Can Draw, and be sure to also catch his 2009 demo reel available on Vimeo.

Thanks goes out to Kevin Cornell of NoVo Arts for giving me a heads up on this awesome music video!


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