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UPDATE: The contest has now ended. Thanks to all of those who entered. A winner will be announced Monday, April 12, 2010. Be sure to check back to see which lucky reader snagged the prize.
From time to time I find myself in the gruesome graces of some mighty fine schwag and in the spirit of Strange Kids I'd like to pass some of it on to you, my readers. So, I figured what better way to start these Gruesome Giveaways then to give some random commenter a copy of the classic First Season of HBO's Tales from the Crypt tv series. Relive every morbid minute and see how the horror anthology got its start.

How to Enter
In order to be eligible all you need to do is leave a comment describing your favorite Tales from the Crypt episode from any season. Its really that simple.

A winner will be chosen at random so be sure to include an email address with your comment so that I can contact you, should your name be chosen. This giveaway is open to everyone, with exception to Strange Kids Club contributors and their family members. The contest ends at midnight this Saturday, April 10th, 2010, Central Time. I’ll announce the winner Monday, April 12th, 2010.


  1. AllHallowSteve said...:

    I've always liked Tales from the Crypt in concept: a gory Twilight Zone with a living corpse host. But I always found, more often than not, that the series went more for the gore than being smartly written. So in the long run, I'm a Twilight Zone guy over a Crypt guy.

    That said there are still some great episodes of TFTC. The episode "Dig That Cat... He's Real Gone," I find is "one of the good ones."

    Maybe it's so well done because it was helmed by Richard Donner who had a few of the better episodes in the series? This episode stars Mr. Joey Pants: Joe Pantoliano who plays the role of Ulric with murderous glee.

    The whole thing smacks of its E.C. Comics origins.
    Brightly colored.
    Stylized shooting.
    And a twist ending which makes it darkly wonderful.

    Oh and I would like to win this DVD set.

  1. Troy Heard said...:

    Definitely "What's Cookin'" which I'm sure was retitled from the original TFTC story "Taint the Meat, It's the Humanity"...with its classic Jack Davis final panel!

  1. EmptyOne said...:

    "Whirlpool" - I don't know what it is about the Groundhog effect that interests me, but I like it.

    (Second place would be "Carrion Death" - nature can be so sweet!)


  1. LadyDeathRaven said...:

    Hmmm that's hard. I love Kathy Ireland getting killed every time I watch "Beauty Rest" until the very end when the winner of the pageant is displayed all filleted out and then I wish she had "won" instead. Having said that, I guess my all time favorite would have to be the one with Joe Pesci and the twins "Split Personality". Who can resist the allure of twins? Who wouldn't want to run Pesci through with a circular saw?

  1. Daph said...:

    whoa I don't have a fave, love em all. Crypt Keeper is just so jolly AND creepy:)

  1. Cory said...:

    My favorite episode is 'Til Death with the golddigger who gets a voodoo queen to make a love potion for a rich girl. The potion works but after he kills her to inherit the fortune, she comes back as a rotting corpse still infatuated with him. Awesome episode!

    my email address is

    I hope I win!

  1. pixie13 said...:

    So hard to choose a favorite, I loved that show. "The Ventriloquist's Dummy" was great; anything that pairs Don Rickles & Bobcat Goldthwait is a winner in my book.


  1. napalmfuzz said...:

    I can't remember the name of my favorite episode, but I know it starts with a bunch of kids at a movie theater, and as the kids are coming out of the movie, one of the kids says "Damn, shit, son of a bitch, fuck."

    I dunno, that one always stuck with me for some reason.

    Shawn Savage

  1. Morphine said...:

    My favorite episode is from season seven called "Confession", not just because it has Eddie Izzard, although that is a nice touch. I love the story, the detective in chargeof finding serial killers is actually a serial killer himself, its a twist we saw coming but still welcomed. The back and forth in the interrogation room is fun to watch also. The character Eddie Izzard plays is brilliant (and I like that they mention Tales from The Crypt in the episode)

  1. Anonymous said...:

    I friggin love Tales From the Crypt. My favorite is not even much of a horror episode. It is the WW2 one with Michal and Kirk Douglas, also with Dan Akroyd and Lance Henrickson. It is such a good story and a wide scope for Tales From the Crypt.

    The scariest one when I saw it in Middle school was the one with the psychologist who visit a patient and gets kidnapped. It scared the crap out of me!

  1. Scoob said...:

    i don't know the name of it but i know it was from season one with the crazy santa claus killer. loved it and never saw it aired again. i guess they have problems showing killer santas on tv

  1. Spencer said...:

    My favorite episode of Tales From The Crypt was Collection Completed. That episode rocked and I loved how the woman stuffed her husband.

  1. It's so hard to pick a favorite because they were all so good. I seriously don't remember watching an episode that I didn't like. But if I have to pick, I guess I'll choose For Cryin' Out Loud...anything with Sam Kinison in it just rocks.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    I'm going with Only Sin Deep. Written by Fred Dekker and starring Lea Thompson. I had a huge crush on her as a kid! HAHA!

  1. ZOMBIE HAYES said...:

    I liked the Christmas episode with the Killer Santa!!

  1. mancat said...:

    I think "the Switch" is my cup of tea , this is my first time to watch tales from the crypt when i was 13-year-old, which is a attractive and amazing plot. It attracy me to watch the preivous episodes and the whole series

  1. totobo11 said...:

    for sure the best is Werewolf Concerto, i watched it at least 10 times coz i love werewolf very much, the make up of this episode is scared me a lot

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