Geek Shriek: Darkchylde

The sleep of reason produces demons... and sexy half-naked chicks.

If you a fan of comic books or horror films, chances are you've probably already seen this test footage for what I assume to be for a possible Darkchylde film. Now, to understand how huge this is, I have been a fan of the comic since its inception waaaay back in 1996. You see, Randy Queen (creator of Darkchylde) was a local boy from Covington, GA where I was living at the time and also a rising star in the comic world whose work for Image Comics was quickly catapulting him into the world of comicdon superstardom.

Darkchylde was is first solo effort and, as if you couldn't tell by his decade of dedication to the series, a labor of immense love. My best friend at the time and I were fortunate enough to meet Queen at a small, local comic shop that summer where he signed copies of the first few books, raffled off limited edition merchandise, and just shat the shit with fans. For a 13 year old, and an aspiring comic artist myself, that was an epic experience.

The initial storyline was very Buffy-esque as the television series was also very popular at the time, and followed a teenage girl named Ariel who had the ability to literally become her nightmares- in many cases that meant transforming into all sorts of hideous, beastly demons. So... hot (barely legal) girl + nasty ass demons = awesome! Unfortunately as the title progressed it fell victim to its own success and sort of slowly disappeared as quickly as it appeared. Of course Queen continued to produce Darkchylde materials here and there at a much low-key pace, but the initial magic had (IMO) been lost.

While Queen still seems to be an underdog (the WETA footage is reportedly self-produced according to the official site), he's nonetheless determined to see his dream come to fruition which I think is such a testament to his hard work and an inspiration to all indie creators. This man has seriously been working his ass off for well over a decade and deserves the utmost respect from fans and his peers alike. I don't usually pimp stuff out, but if you can snag a copy of the original trade paperback, I wholeheartedly encourage you to do so. Some used copies on Amazon are as low as $6 bucks!


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