Strange Kid makes a Guest Appearance in Nightmare Pro Wrestling

Staying up late with a bunch of monsters watching wrestling.

Well it would seem that there's good news aplenty hitting the clubhouse this week as Jon Guerra, co-creator of Nightmare Pro Wrestling dropped me a line yesterday to inform me that a certain strange, blue-haired kid had appeared in the pages of his comic. I ask you, what are the odds?

Of course, by now you should all know Jon's work as he contributes the weekly Nightmare Night Creatures strips that everyone loves. However, NNC is but a small slice of the insane vision known as Nightmare Pro Wrestling which Jon and his partner Nicole keep alive with pages of monster-fueled, testosterone laden macho fury.

In their lastest entry, Jon asked if it would be okay to feature Strange Kid as a member of the audience and of course I said: Hell yeah! Little did I realize how cool it would be to see Strange Kid whooping it up alongside the cast of NNC not to mention random genre favorites. Suffice to say that I am stoked to see it in full color. Check out a snippet above and be sure to give a click to see the full page in all its glory.

Artwork © Jon and Nicole Guerra


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