Printed Perversions: Edge of Doom #1

"Don't call it an anthology!"

It's not easy to convey a sense of dread in comics, where suspense is more of a voluntary illusion than a plot device, but that's exactly what Steve Niles and Kelly Jones have managed to achieve with their first issue of IDW's Edge of Doom. Whether it be Niles' innate ability to make the fantastical seem absolutely possible or Jones' gruesomely gorgeous depictions of blood, guts and gore, Edge of Doom #1 is the closest experience I've had to reading a modern day Tales from the Crypt.

That Edge of Doom manages to tap into this history of horror comics is a true testament to the talents of both men, not to forget the superbly somber coloring of Jat Fotos. Having last paired up on DC's Batman: Gotham After Midnight, the duo form the strongest creative team I've seen since Niles collaboration with Ben Templesmith on 30 Days of Night and Criminal Macabre and it's no surprise that much of the creep factor is inspired by the horror genre itself such as a nod to The Gate, The Twilight Zone and the aforementioned Tales from the Crypt.

Snap into a Slim Jim, kids!

As a 5-part series, Niles is quick to state that this is NOT an anthology, though the stories will share some kind of connection, and this issue definitely sets the backdrop for more twisted tales of terror to come. Centering on a disheartened divorcee named Richard Stallman that happens to find an altogether different type of hell in his own backyard, this premiere issue offers plenty of grue (see above) for horrors fans to sink their teeth into and provides a great setup for what looks like an excellent miniseries. It's a shame that the next issue doesn't come out until December, but I'm certain that it will be well worth the wait.

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  1. TS Hendrik said...:

    Sounds great. I will have to look for it.

  1. Strange Kid said...:

    Definitely worth a read. Really reminds me of the aforementioned classics, not to mention a bit of Twin Peaks (albeit only slightly).

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